Why Volunteer?

  1. For every meet that you participate as an official, you will get that swim meet registration waived for 1 child…those savings add up quick!

  2. There is no cost to you, to become an official.

  3. Learning/going through courses of the official gives you better idea of what gets the swimmer disqualified…these pointers can be passed on to the swimmer from you.

  4. If you are on deck, you get free food and drink. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free food.

  5. You are going to be at the swim meet anyway but now you don’t have to worry about finding (and keeping) a seat!

  6. Your kiddos will be proud of the fact that you are on deck with them, whether they admit it or not…true story.



When Jaws hosts home swim meets, it takes an army to make things run smoothly. We need timers, program sellers and locker room & pool deck safety marshals to name a few. If you are interested in learning more about the sport of swimming any of these entry level volunteer positions is the best way to begin!


Being a board member is extremely rewarding. Board members help our athletes and coaches come to practice and not have to worry about anything but improving their performance.
Jaws Swim Club has 10 board positions, each position is a one year term.
Please consider serving as a Jaws Board, no swimming experience is needed.

Female Swimmer


 I am the father of two very enthusiastic and busy swimmers, both in USA club swimming and high school. With all of the time that is spent in a pool as a parent, having volunteer opportunities has allowed me to participate in my children’s activity of choice. I am very much a person who likes to be involved and when the opportunity to become a USA Swimming official was presented to me, I was apprehensive for that kind of a volunteer position. I saw those white shirts (white polo/khaki shorts/white shoes – USA Swimming official’s uniform) down on the deck, controlling the pace of the meets, facilitating all those swimmers with a great measure of organization, and raising those hands in the air on disqualifications. Please allow me to tell all of you who may be considering it, “it’s a great job!”. The structure of education for USA Swimming officials is easy to follow, and those mentors who are now co-officials, have been an amazing group to participate with. As a swimming parent, you are aware of many of the rules that swimmers are held to already, but all of the rest of it is learned in literature and apprenticing. You become acquainted with the USA Swimming rule book, test your knowledge with online testing, and then spend as much time as is necessary working under the wing of a veteran official at a variety of swimming meets and venues. I would not hesitate a moment to recommend taking on the duties of an official to any parent who finds themselves the slightest bit interested in officiating. I’ve enjoyed every moment of that choice, and plan to continue to do so for many more years.”

Diving Board