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USA Swimming Code of  Conduct

USA Swimming is committed to a culture of inclusion and opportunity. We strive to create equity by providing resources specific to the needs of our members.

This is consistent with USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct Article 304.3.2 that states discrimination against any member or participant on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, genetics, mental or physical disability, or any status protected by federal, state, or local law, where  applicable is prohibited.

Family at a Beach

Parent Code of conduct

The purpose of a code of conduct for parents is to establish consistent expectations for behavior by parents. As a parent/guardian, I understand the important growth and developmental support that my child’s participation fosters. I also understand that it is essential to provide the coaching staff with respect and the authority to coach the team. I agree with the following statements:
1. I will set the right example for our children by demonstrating sportsmanship and showing respect and common courtesy at all times to the team members, coaches, competitors, officials, parents, and all facilities.
2.  I will get involved by volunteering, observing practices, cheering at meets, and talking with my child and their coach about their progress.
3. I will refrain from coaching my child from the stands during practices or meets.
4. I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward coaches, officials, volunteers, and/or any participating swimmer will not be tolerated.
5.  I will respect the integrity of the officials.
6.  I will direct my concerns to first to the board President; then, if not satisfied, to the appropriate supervisor.

7. Parents who exhibit sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise inappropriate behavior will be faced with consequences.


Athlete Code of conduct

The purpose of a code of conduct for athletes is to establish a consistent expectation for athletes’ behavior. By signing this code of conduct, I agree to the following statements:
1. I will respect and show courtesy to my teammates and coaches at all times.
2. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all practices and meets.

3. I will set a good example of behavior and work ethic for my younger teammates.
4. I will be respectful of my teammates’ feelings and personal space. Swimmers who exhibit sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise inappropriate behavior will be faced with consequences.
5. I will attend all team meetings and training sessions, unless I am excused by my coach.
6. I will show respect for all facilities and other property (including locker rooms) used during practices, competitions, and team activities.

7.  I will refrain from foul language, violence, behavior deemed dishonest, offensive, or illegal.
8. If I disagree with an official’s call, I will talk with my coach and not approach the official directly.
9. I will obey all of USA Swimming’s rules and codes of conduct.

Swim Coach

Coach Code of conduct

The purpose of this code of conduct for coaches is to establish common expectations for all members of the coaching staff of the club.  It is to be used as a guide to promote a positive team environment and good sportsmanship.


  • At all times, adhere to USA Swimming’s rules and code of conduct.

  • Set a good example of respect and sportsmanship for participants and fans to follow.

  • Act and dress with professionalism and dignity in a manner suitable to his/her profession.

  • Respect officials and their judgment and abide by the rules of the event.

  • Treat opposing coaches, participants, and spectators with respect.

  • Instruct participants in sportsmanship and demand that they display good sportsmanship.

  • Coach in a positive manner and do not use derogatory comments or abusive language.

  • Win with humility and lose with dignity.

  • Treat every athlete fairly, justly, impartially, intelligently, and with sensitivity.

  • Always place the well-being, health, and safety of swimmers above all other considerations, including developing performance.

  • Continue to seek and maintain their own professional development in all areas in relation to coaching and teaching children.

  • Always maintain a professional separation between coach and athlete.


Any complaints of a coach violating this code of conduct will be brought to the attention of his/her supervisor and/or the club’s board of directors.

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