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What's Happening in the North Dakota LSC?

On Sunday May 2nd, the North Dakota Swimming LSC held its' bi-annual House of Delegates meeting. Many items where discussed as well as changes were voted on for the upcoming Long Course and Short Course seasons.

  1. Teams signed up for meets to host on specific days. Jaws will host meets;

  2. June 27th

  3. January 22 & 23

  4. March 13 (this is tentative due to new state meet configuration.)

  5. The Mask Mandate for North Dakota Swimming has been removed.

  6. Coming down from the National level on all boards from LSC board down to club boards it needs to consist of 33% athlete reps. Jaws is still looking for board members and athletes to be members. The minimum age for athletes to be on any board is a Freshman in High School.

  7. Coaches certification changes will include one continuing education course a year and a minimum of 1 year experience before can be named head coach of any club. Additional changes are being made to the Coaching Advantage requirement

  8. A new version of the Minor Athlete Protection Policy (MAPP) will be coming out soon. All clubs will need to update their MAPP's to comply with the new policy.

  9. If one person is submitting an athlete and non-athlete registration form you do not need to pay twice for that athlete. You will only need to pay for the higher priced of the two. If the registrations are not submitted at the same time an email will need to be sent to the technical and registration chairs so we are not double charged.

  10. All meet sanctions will be submitted as a google form we will no longer need to send the check into the age group chair right away we will be sent an invoice from the finance chair for the fee due.

  11. Short course will be split between two weekend directly after boys state.

  12. 10 & Under State = March 12 & 13

  13. 11 & Older State = March 18th - 20th

  14. Advancement Opportunities will be available again for officials

  15. The requirement for a minimum of 5 officials on deck is back into effect.

  16. Elections were held; a New general Chair, and age group chair were elected. the previous officials chair was elected General Chair so a new officials chair was appointed by the Board of Directors.

  17. It was voted with the state short course meet now a split meet to change the qualifying times to be equivalent with the quad motivational times as shared by USA Swimming. Girls state qualifying times will now be the BB standard and the boys 14 & under will be B standard and 15 & above will be BB standard.


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