• jillschlenker

What in the world is Dryland?

Dryland to most people is something that might be said in a movie after being stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean for many months! For Swimmers dryland is sometimes a curse word.

Working out, out of the water does not come naturally to most swimmers. Sure, when you watch swimmers, swim butterfly or breaststroke it may looks effortless, but ask those same swimmers to do a star-jump lung combination and you will have arms and legs going in directions that they normally should not while attempting that combination.

So why in the world do we as swimmers do dryland? Well, the answer is much more simple than you would imagine. Yes, doing 100 sit-ups a night will help with faster turns. Yes, doing 100 push-ups will help build our shoulder strength to allow us to propel ourselves through the water faster. Yes, doing 25 squat jumps will help build our strength for pushing off the walls and blocks faster. But, the main value to swimmers in completing dryland is injury prevention.

Injury Prevention? As athletes we need to think of our bodies as well oiled machines. If we do not do regular maintenance to our machines, they will not last as long or preform as well as they could. Dryland is what we use as our regular maintenance work. Our dryland workouts range from weight rooms, to running, to yoga. Throughout the season we will be providing dryland workouts that can be done anywhere at anytime. Just because we scheduled athletes to complete the workouts once a week, it does not mean you have to limit the workouts to just once. We highly recommend that these workouts be completed on any night that we do not have swim practice.

Why do we recommend the athletes complete these with their family? Swimming, yes, is classified as an individual sport but we are a family. As you swim at practice and at meets around the state and around the country you get to know more and more swimmers and grow those relationships. We as swimmers support each other either through physical or mental injury and many other things. We start those relationships with our households and why not build those relationships through working out together? We can support each other to keep going and help each other grow mentally and physically stronger.

Dryland workouts are not meant to be boring or too easy, but if you find yourself lost or needing more variety you can find many different workouts on the internet, social media and YouTube are great locations to find new and exciting workouts. If you ever have difficulty finding these workouts please let a coach know and they should be able to help you locate a good at home workout.

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