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Coach Jill's Favorite Pool Workouts Part 1

There are days I like to challenge all athletes and others when I know they need to take a break. This workout is meant to challenge the breath control of the athletes to build stronger lungs and reduce the amount of breaths needed during a race so they can stay in perfect alignment longer. This is meant to be a challenge however if you do not get at least 5 seconds of rest after any of these items you will either need to swim a little faster or increase your send off time. Coach Jill will always suggest go for the challenge to better yourself and swim a little faster.

The Lung Buster

  • Warm-up

  • 200 Swim

  • 200 Kick IM order

  • Pre-Main Set

  • 12 x 50's Pull Breath Control

  • 3 x Breath every 3 strokes on the 50 second

  • 3 x Breath every 5 strokes on the 55 second

  • 3 x Breath every 7 strokes on the 60 second

  • 3 x Breath every 9 strokes on the 65 second

  • ****if while going into the turn you are in the middle of a count you must continue that count off the wall. For example if you are on the breath every 7 and before the turn you take 4 strokes you must take 3 strokes off the wall before you can take a breath.****

  • Main Set

  • 2x

  • 6 x 25's underwater dolphin kick with fins and 10 seconds rest

  • 4 x 50's choice sprint at base + 10 seconds

  • 250 Pull - working on Distance per stroke

  • Post-Main Set

  • 20 x 25's with 10 seconds rest

  • Odds = underwater flutter kick only

  • Evans = flutter kick on back (recovery)

  • **** For an added level of difficulty where tennis shoes that are ready for the water. These would be clean shoes that have used their life on land. The toe box can be cut off for ease of putting on.****

  • Turn Work

  • This is meant for speed work on turns. You will need to place or identify two markers on the bottom of the pool. One mark about 5 feet from the wall the other about 20 feet from the wall.

  • Do this for 6 rounds with 15 seconds rest between. If multiple people in the lane your break is them doing this work

  • Start with your head down and hands on wall kicking as fast as you can for 5 seconds. After the 5 seconds is up push backwards off the wall as fast as possible to the first marker. then sprint back into the wall a speed turn then streamline/swim to the second marker. complete a no wall flip turn then sprint back to the wall.

  • Cool Down

  • 100 EZ

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