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USA Swimming


This page will take through the ins and outs of what you can and cannot take as an elite athlete. You as an athlete may be required to take a drug test and you need to know your rights and responsibilities as an athlete to comply with this request. 


Frequently Asked Questions or this you never thought to ask

  • How Many Practices does a Swimmer need to Attend?
    This will depend on their training group. Training groups are assigned by swimming ability. To learn more about the training groups please see the Team Handbook. Little Fins practice 2 days a week for 30 minutes. Junior Jaws practice 2 days a week. Aquanauts practice 3 days a week. Senior and National team practice 4 days per week plus 1 at home workout.
  • When is Practice Held?
    Please note all practice times are subject to change. We will have our calendar up to day with the times of the practices. Summer Season (May - July) 4:00 - 5:30pm Monday through Thursday Winter Season (November - mid March) 6:15pm -7:45PM Monday through Thursday (sometimes Fridays)
  • What is the cost to Join Jaws?
    There is a non-refundable USA registration fee which is subject to change on a yearly basis, but on average has been around $75. ​ Jaws fee is subject to change on a season by season basis but on average the winter season is around $350 and the Summer season is around $250. If a family is registering any additional athletes $50 will be taken off the registration fee for that athlete. We have an opt out of volunteering option for for a by season fee of $150. New swimmers may tryout Jaws for a period of 2 weeks. At the end of the trial payment must be made or the swimmer withdraw. If no payment is recieved and no communication of withdrawl is recieved by the club the athlete will not be allowed to practice until one of the two are recieved. ​ Children on Free and/or Reduced Lunch plan receive the same rate for Jaws and the USA Swimming registration is $7. To qualify for this we must have documentation that the athlete qualifies for this. If this option is selected we will notify the parent of the needed documentation.
  • Are swim meets Required?
    At this time Swim Meets are not required for Jaws athletes. However, they are highly encouraged to more easily measure an athletes swimming progress. Swim meets that we attend will be listed on our website. There are additional swim meets available to attend however, those we will not be sending a coach to. Those can be found on the North Dakota Swimming Website.
  • What certifications do the coaches have?
    Each coach is certified through USA Swimming in which includes: First Aid, CPR, Water Safety, Concussion Training, Background Check, Foundations of Coaching Class, Athlete Protection Training and Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Training
  • Is Volunteering Required
    Jaws is a parent board lead 401 3C organization and functions primarily on volunteering. We ask that all athletes families part take in at least 10 hours of volunteering for Jaws weather it be helping at our home swim meets, officiating at swim meets around the state and country or serving on the Jaws board. Volunteering for Jaws events helps ensure Jaws to be around for years to come.
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