Jaws Winter Season  2019 - 2020 Information

JAWS will begin practice on Monday, November 4th with a parents and athletes meeting in the JHS Commons area at 6pm where coaches and board members will discuss the season and many more JAWS related topics. 

Practice will be four days a week Monday through Thursday. If there is a day within the week that we cannot use the pool or locker rooms we will have practice on Friday. Always check the calendar for practice days.  We will be following what JPS does for school as to no practice due to weather. If there is no school or early release due to weather we will not have practice. If school is dismissed early for any other reason we will have practice as normal. 


Practice for all levels with the exception of Little fins will run from 6 to 7:30pm. Athletes are expected to be pool ready by 6 however we ask that they are not at the pool any earlier than 15 minutes before practice out of respect of JHS swim practice. Little fins will be Tuesday and Thursdays 7 - 7:30pm.


For all athletes that are not participating in the state swim meet practice will conclude on March 15th. If the athlete is competing at the state swim meet practice will conclude on March 19th . 


Fees for JAWS will be $300 for your first athlete and $270 for any additional athlete. The fee for Little fins will be $100. Meet fees will be $40 for a single day and $60 for two or more days at a meet. 


Swim meets that we will be sending a coach to can be found on the winter season meets page. Athlete may attend other meets however no JAWS will be present however we will help make all the necessary arrangements for the athlete to attend that meet. 

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