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Jaws Winter Season  2022 - 2023 Information

Registering for Jaws
Jaws does not have a requirement as to when you register we just ask that you complete the online registration before your athletes first night. However, if you do register after December 15th all payments need to be received by that time.  

Practice Schedules
Love to Swim and Competition Practice Starts October 24th,
Little fins will start November 8th.
Practices will run until March 16th with the last week being for state qualifiers only.

Competition & Love to Swim Groups - Monday through Thursday from 6:15pm - 7:45pm
Little Fins Group - Tuesday and Thursdays  from 7pm - 7:30pm
* We will be following what JPS does for school as to no practice due to weather. If there is no school or early release due to weather we will not have practice. If school is dismissed early for any other reason we will have practice as normal.
*Practice times and days are subject to change to to pool availability please download the team app to be caught up or you can look at our calendar as the times will be updated on there as well.

Requirement to participate in Jaws

Jaws does not have an age requirement however, we do have an ability requirement to enter into and Jaws group. For description of requirements for our other groups please visit our training groups page.

Jaws Apparel
This Season we will be getting our apparel through lane four athletics. Jaws items and appreal are now available to order

Practice Equipment

Athletes will have access to equipment that that Jaws has purchased. However, we highly recommend athletes purchase their own equipment for practice. It maybe stored in the Jaws storage shed to allow drying time. Equipment for practice can be purchase through our swimoutlet store. 

Swim Suits
For practice boys may wear, speedos, jammers, or board shorts, Girls may wear any style suit with the acceptation of two piece suits unless they cover the stomach completely. For Swim Meets all suits must be FINA approved. boys can where jammers or speedos, girls must wear a two piece suit that is does not have any buttons, ties or pieces of plastic on them. Tech Suits may be worn to any meet, however, 12 & under athletes are only allowed to wear tech suits that are non-bonded suits. For examples of suits that can be worn please visit our swimoutlet store and look at the meet or custom jaws equipment.

What to bring to Practice
 Swim Suit (any variety for boys, girls one piece only)
cap and googles (2 of each just in case they break)
A water bottle is highly recommended for non-Little Fins participants
*Not required* Your own training equipment to be stored at pool. Can be purchased through our swim outlet site.

Winter Season Communications
This year we will be using an application call Team App. This is the same communication system that North Dakota swimming uses anytime they go on a LSC sponsored event. Jaws would like to get everyone used to using this app. To access our team information you will need to go to your apps store and search for Team App. It looks like a green shield with a big "T". Once that is downloaded search for JAWS it will have our current logo and join the team. If you are not sure I will try to make step by step instructions on how to do this. If you do not want to download the app there is an online version it is Follow the steps as needed to join the team. Here is where we will put practice schedules, and swim meets we will be attending and any other announcements that need to be made. You will still need to sign up for the meet on our website however, we are hoping this app makes everything easier for you all to accesses more quickly.

Fees for JAWS
Competition & Love to Swim Groups - $400
If Athletes in both age groups - Additional = $350 no matter the age group
High School Boys (November & Practice after WDA) - $200
All group fees include the USA Swimming Registration Fee

Scholarships are available to athletes that qualify and participate in free or reduced meals through the school. Documentation must be provided indicating this. If the athletes family is not able to afford Jaws has received donations from the Elks and Vets clubs' to help with the cost of swimming.
Jaws also understands the difficulty of paying the fee all at once, therefore we are offering payment plans to pay your fee off. Please contact us at for more information.  

Little Fins Group - $150
Swim Meet Fees - $50 per one day meet / $75 per two or more day meet
If you officiate at a swim meet Jaws will cover your meet fees for one of your athletes

If you would like to not receive any communication to help volunteer you can participate in our volunteer buyout program for $150

Jaws Trial Period
If you are new to Jaws we are offering a two week trial period. The two weeks starts the first night you are at practice then at any point you wish to not continue with Jaws inside of that 14 day period you just need to email us to let us know and a full refund of your registration fee will be returned. However, if you do not tell us you no longer wish to participate in Jaws or do not get the email to us with in the 14 day period you will forfeit all registration fees. If a payment was not made to Jaws we will send a bill for the registration amount. 
Swim Meets
*These are the swim meets a Jaws Coach will be attending. The one meet combination that we may not have a coach at is the Dickinson / Watford City meets. If do not have more than 3 athletes attending to those two meets we will not be able to send a coach due to financial concerns. There are other meets available around the state that can be found on the North Dakota Swimming Website. If you choose to attend those meets email the jaws account and we will help you get signed up. *


*Please pay close attention to deadlines for entry of a meet that will be posted on the events ticketing page. We will not be accepting late entries!*

Swim meets are listed in our winter events page. 

What if my athlete has a cold?
If your athlete or anyone in your family tests positive for COVID-19 please stay home. If your athlete is sick in any way shape or form please stay home. If you are missing due to cold or Covid, please contact the coach to let them know you will be out due to a cold. If your athlete comes to practice displaying covid like symptoms the athlete might be asked to go home and rest.

USA Swimming & Safe Sport Requirements
Jaws and USA swimming would like to make sure all athletes are safe and are having fun. This means that... No Parents are allowed on the pool deck however they may watch practice from the pool balcony (They are reminded that athletes are there to practice and coaches  are there to coach. If there are any disruptions from the parents for the athletes or coaches they may be asked to leave the balcony.)Parents are only allowed in the locker rooms if the athlete requires help to get dressed. Other wise they are not allowed. Coaches are not allowed in the locker rooms that athletes are changing in either. Only if there is an emergency will the be entering the locker room. 

USA Swimming Registration
In the Summer of 2022, USA swimming developed a new registration system for all that are members. To help it's members with the registration process, Jaws will be hosting regististration nights. We will have laptops available for you to register and all you need to do is fill out the information and Jaws will pay for the registration fee. If however, you are unable to make it to a registration night event you are invited to complete your registration online. If you do go this route you will be asked to pay for the registration and Jaws will credit your account the amount of the registration for future use. Because this is brand new there will be a few hiccups in the road but we can all get through this if we work together.
Full Season Membership
Outreach/Scholarship Membership (Must have documentation for this membership type)


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